Friday, June 15, 2012

Not much sewing going on here

It seems ages since I have sewed.  We have traveled so much since the end of April, I  repainted the guest bathroom, am training for a Triathlon, taking care of a house, know the list...

Progress is being made in the bathroom.  Going from this: the blue and green picked, years ago, by a middle-school aged daughter who shall remain nameless...

To this:  still a ways to go, light fixtures still to be hung, they can go either up or down and hubby was not sure what I wanted, and I was not home.

The color is a light gray that looks gray on some walls, and pinkish gray on the other walls...That is the way of paint and light I guess.

We celebrated Alissa's 25th birthday last Saturday!  My baby is a quarter of a century old, how did that happen??  I am not that old...

Today I made banana bread from a recipe that Sarah, my oldest daughter adapted, you can find the full recipe at her blog, Run Far Girl.  Turned out yummy.

I am headed to my sewing room to do some fun sewing!!  You should check out the Etsy shop if you have not lately.  I lowered some prices... and am thinking of having a sale...stay tuned.

I am also seriously considering moving this blog to Word Press.  I have my other blog, Trigrandmatry there and really like the stay tuned.   I will let you know.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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