Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifty Organization

When I was a young girl my parents gave me a jewelry box, this box served me well for many years.  But as my earring collection grew everything just seemed a jumbled mess.

                                                                          My old box

                          A friend of mine gave me this idea.  Just recently I dressed it up a bit.

                                            A plastic 3 drawer bin, and some ice cube trays.

                                                     Paint made specifically for plastic.

The top had an indentation so I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the indentation.

Using spray adhesive I attached some cotton batting.

Picked out some fabric that matched my bedroom colors.

                                               And with the spray adhesive added the fabric.

Then fill the ice cube trays with earrings and put them into the drawers.

                                         A very organized jewelry box!!  And not very costly!!


sew many ways

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrabble Fabric Apron

When I saw the Scrabble fabric at the quilt shop last week I could not resist.  Lissie my friend and fellow mother in law (my daughter is married to her son), loves I mean LOVES Scrabble and word games.  She is also really good at them...I am not.

I knew I needed to make something for her out of this fabric.  An apron was my choice.  Really simple and lots of fun to make.

The fabric at the top of the picture is a batik I picked up at a yard sale for $2.00.  Did I mention Lissie loves yard sales too, she mostly looks for scrabble games to use the tiles to make other word games...she is very clever!

                                                                  Finished product

                                                    Happy Scrabbling and cooking Lissie!!

                   Have a Blessed Easter everyone!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabric Store Field Trip

Last week my friend Sue and I drove to Concord, NH to Peggy Ann's Quilt Shop.  I really was not in the market for anything in particular, just fabric.  I have given away much of my huge stash, mostly because I really am not into the "country" color scheme anymore.  Soooo,  I have lots of room for more fabric!

My finds:

Love this bumblebee ribbon!  Just need inspiration for what to put it on!  Any ideas??

These are fun!!

I have a friend who loves Scrabble, I have a plan for these...  Stay tuned for the reveal.

These Amy Butler fabrics were half price!!!  Love a sale!!!  I want to make a bag.

It was fun to actually go to a shop and buy fabric.  We have been ordering from Hawthorne Threads lately, I love their selection and great prices and really fast service!!!  I will be ordering again soon when my daughter Rachel picks out the fabrics for the bedding and quilt for her little one on the way!  I love being a Grandma!!

Have a super blessed day and stay tuned for the Scrabble fabric reveal!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Joy of Firsts

As a parent one of the greatest joys in child-raising are the firsts.  That first smile, the first steps, first words, move on to momentous occasions; your son's first touchdown, their first pair of point shoes, making the varsity basketball team, graduations...weddings and grandchildren.

Just wanted to share a new first with you.  My daughter Sarah (Sophie's Mom) and my daughter-in-law Danielle will, on Monday,  run the Boston Marathon.  

Danielle and Sarah

 For both Danielle and Sarah this will be the first time they will run Boston.  And if you are familiar with the running scene, this is the coveted marathon!  The race sold out in 8 hours.  

For them this is a gift, they were invited to run and given numbers.  
I am so blessed that this friendship has deepened between Sarah and Danielle, they are well matched running buddies and although they live an hour and a half apart they make dates to train and race together.  What a joy you girls give me!!! 

Their finish at the Eastern States 20 Miler a few weeks ago!!

You Girls Rock!!!
See you at the finish!!!!

Love,  Mom

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring in New Hampshire

The last few days have been warm and somewhat sunny, the last of the snow piles in my yard are gone and it is even light enough at 5:30 AM to head outside for a run.

Did I (Cindy) mention I signed up for a sprint triathlon?  More about that later...

My back yard, no snow and the grass is getting green!

The buds on the forsythia, I hope this year we get flowers.

The bleeding heart seems to double in size each day, need to cut back the phlox.

Proof of my green thumb,  Dandelions are really pretty.  And the first flower of the spring, at least in my yard.

Last weekend we were at at retreat at the base of Mount Monadnock.  Beautiful!

Enjoy Spring!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

New Stuff hitting the shop this week!

New items from our spring and summer collection will be hitting our Etsy Shop this week! Keep your eye out!

The new "Abigail" in June Bug.

"Chelsey" in Pop Daisy.

"Dakota" in Green Damask.

Short-sleeve "Chelsey" in Pink Chandra.
Long-sleeve "Chelsey" in Blue Dot and Mod Multi Squares.

Short-sleeve "Chelsey" in Blue Chandra.