Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Joy of Firsts

As a parent one of the greatest joys in child-raising are the firsts.  That first smile, the first steps, first words, move on to momentous occasions; your son's first touchdown, their first pair of point shoes, making the varsity basketball team, graduations...weddings and grandchildren.

Just wanted to share a new first with you.  My daughter Sarah (Sophie's Mom) and my daughter-in-law Danielle will, on Monday,  run the Boston Marathon.  

Danielle and Sarah

 For both Danielle and Sarah this will be the first time they will run Boston.  And if you are familiar with the running scene, this is the coveted marathon!  The race sold out in 8 hours.  

For them this is a gift, they were invited to run and given numbers.  
I am so blessed that this friendship has deepened between Sarah and Danielle, they are well matched running buddies and although they live an hour and a half apart they make dates to train and race together.  What a joy you girls give me!!! 

Their finish at the Eastern States 20 Miler a few weeks ago!!

You Girls Rock!!!
See you at the finish!!!!

Love,  Mom

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  1. Thats awesome! When we lived in Needham we would go and watch the marthon, its so excited to watch even though I never new anyone running. Good luck to your girls!